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The Mercator Institute for China Studies (MERICS) was founded in 2013 by Stiftung Mercator to strengthen knowledge and debate about China in Germany and Europe. With about 20 full-time international researchers, from Europe, the United States and Australia, MERICS is currently the largest European research institute focusing solely on the analysis of contemporary China and its relations with Europe and the wider world. Our specialists have a wide range of expertise on China, scientific qualifications and methodological skills. With its main premises in Berlin, MERICS also operates an office in Brussels. 

The institute provides a collaborative platform for cutting-edge research on China by cooperating with numerous national and international research institutions. The MERICS Fellowship Program allows leading specialists, policy advisors and journalists from Europe, China and elsewhere to contribute to and draw on MERICS’s research and outreach activities. The MERICS European China Talent Program brings young professionals together to enrich and expand Europe’s perspective on modern China.

Our mission

Since its foundation, MERICS has established itself as the go-to European think tank on China. The institute has set itself a goal of contributing to a differentiated understanding of China by developing nuanced and better-informed perspectives on the country and its global impact. MERICS prides itself on fact-based, and independent research.

MERICS plays an active role in informing European public debates on China and in providing senior decision-makers across Europe with in-depth China-related insights critical to their portfolios. MERICS publications often drive China policy debates and are frequently quoted in European and international media. Independent research means that MERICS experts will take a stand — one firmly grounded in liberal-minded and democratic values. In doing so, MERICS experts provide new perspectives on China and advice for shaping relations with it.

As a leading China research institute, we recognize the plurality of voices and views in and on China. We embrace our responsibility to critically reflect on the role of stereotypes, biases and simplifications in China research as well as the ways in which our work impacts wider societal perceptions of China and the Chinese people.

Diversity and inclusion

We value the diversity of our European society as a whole and strive to reflect this in our work culture and team. MERICS considers itself as part of an intellectual community enriched and enhanced by diversity of various dimensions, including race, ethnicity and national origins, gender and gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability, social and professional background, fundamental ethical convictions, religion and beliefs. You can read our full diversity statement here.

International exchange and networking

MERICS cooperates with numerous research institutes in Germany and abroad.

The Fellowship Program allows leading experts, policy advisors and journalists from China, Europe and the USA to contribute to and draw on MERICS’ research.

The European China Talent Program allows MERICS to promote up-and-coming researchers – and enrich and expand Europe’s perspective on modern China.

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