MERICS event at Parochialkirche, Berlin


MERICS is Europe's leading China think tank. The institute provides in-depth analyses of the forces that drive Chinese politics, studies on industrial policy and technology developments and policy recommendations that authoritatively inform and significantly shape European debates about China.

MERICS uses events, briefings and media relations to disseminate the latest findings and thinking to decision-makers in politics, economy and society.

In addition, MERICS works together with sponsors and clients from the public and private sector, and offers analyses tailored to target audiences, further education and special-event formats and training. In addition, MERICS gives partners and members the opportunity to establish even closer relationships with the Berlin-based think tank.

Research programs and contract work

MERICS is constantly developing new research programs together with funding partners from the public and private sector. MERICS proactively applies for financing for its projects by competing for public funding. In addition, MERICS prepares studies and analyses for clients. Selected recent examples of this kind of work are:


MERICS offers tailor-made training and information sessions for public and private institutions on current topics relating to China.


MERICS has extensive experience in hosting international conferences, meetings, workshops and discussion events. MERICS has also developed information-exchange formats on China-related policy issues for EU member states. The regular “Track 1.5” events with diplomats from all over Europe are one example. On request, MERICS is happy to offer specific expertise to private and public sector clients.

Membership and partnership

MERICS invites interested institutions and individuals to become partners or members to forge closer links with MERICS and gain privileged access to research.

Partners support MERICS in its mission to provide an independent European platform for a fact-based analysis and understanding of China. 

Strategic partners are offered a seat on the Advisory Board, allowing their support to become visible.

MERICS Members invest in up-to-date China knowledge for the benefit of their organization. A membership grants exclusive access to the research of Europe’s largest China-focused think tank, through a comprehensive portfolio of regular publications, high-level briefings, digital- and on-site events.

MERICS invites its members to benefit from the collective knowledge of this unique network of stakeholders drawn from business, politics and research. Learn more about our Membership Program here.

Independence and Transparency
MERICS is a research institute committed to the highest standards of organizational, intellectual, and personal integrity and independence. To preserve our intellectual freedom while forging partnerships with members and partners who want to support our work or commission research products and associated services, MERICS adheres to strict guidelines and principles.

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